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Mead is back!

Mead is probably the worlds’ oldest drink and has been around for thousands of years but is 'Bearly' seen or available. We’re one of a few but growing number of artisan meaderies with our own take on this historic drink. Mead is actually a traditional wedding drink and is where the term ‘honeymoon’ comes from!

Bearly Organised Meadery specialises in ‘session’ mead – to be enjoyed like a Cider or Light Ale and a celebratory ‘Sparkling Mead’ – made using traditional champagne and sparkling wine style methods to produce a lovely sparkling celebration drink.

Local Honey

Northamptonshire based, using local honey to produce all of our mead.

Hand Crafted

Our mead is lovingly hand crafted in small batches.

Unique Mead

Light session styles and speciality sparkling mead available.

Bespoke Service

We offer bespoke sparkling mead to order for your special occasion.

Our Range

Mead, mead, mead...

Paw Another

Paw Another

  • 4.5% ABV
  • 500ml

A fresh session mead to be enjoyed like a light ale or cider. Perfect for summer days in the sun when served slightly chilled or at room temperature next to the fire in winter.

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Sparkling Mead

Sparkling Mead

  • 12-14% ABV
  • 750ml

Our Sparkling Mead is something special. Originally brewed as a celebratory wedding toast drink this can be enjoyed at special occasions or as something a bit different!

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Mead for any occasion
Honey Wine

Mead for any occasion

Mead can be viewed as 'sickly' and 'strong'. There is nothing wrong with these traditional meads and there are some very good artisan meaderies!

Here at Bearly Organised Meadery, our meads are intended to offer something different; a light (~4 to 5%) session style mead, Paw Another, and our speciality, a wine strength (~12 to 14%) Sparkling to be enjoyed like a sparkling wine.

All of our mead is made from local honey. Embracing the variations in honey produced at different times of year and using traditional methods means the same recipe will produce some slight differences. We think this is exciting and look forward to every batch!

Bespoke Brewing Service

We also provide bespoke Sparkling Mead to order. Whether you want your own label for that special occasion or a certain number of bottles, we’ll do our best to cater for your specific requirements. Simply get in touch today and we will be more than happy to help!

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