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Bearly Organised Meadery is a small Northamptonshire based craft meadery. Started by Matt Prosser, with the nickname of ‘Bear’ from his rugby playing days, he has always had a passion for brewing. Being a curious engineer always interested in things a little bit different, a passing interest in the Norse invasion of Britain and with a wife that doesn’t drink beer(!) this led on to the obvious conclusion - try and make a mead!

Over a few years of trial and error (it’s not easy to make mead!) and surprisingly good feedback from friends and family came the statement “you should really make this commercially, people love something a bit different”.

Once the idea was set and with just about enough nous to get ‘Organised’... well you get the idea... ‘Bearly Organised Meadery’ was born. We make small batches, big on care and only with locally sourced honey.

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