Nature's Gold

About the Honey

The honey we use is sourced only from Northamptonshire and the surrounding counties from small scale suppliers with the same care for their bees as we put into make our mead. Bee populations are rapidly declining around the world due to habitat loss, pollution and the use of pesticides, among other factors and we want to do what we can to support the bee population.

Honey is collected throughout the year and therefore there is a range of flavours based on the seasons and the forage the bees find.

Early season spring forage is typically wild flowers, such as snow drops and dandelions, hawthorn, blackthorn, and fruit trees such as apple, pear and cherry. Summer forage is usually wild flowers, blackberry bushes, lime trees and Himalayan Balsam.

Each type of forage gives a different flavour, texture and colour from borage which is thin and straw coloured to horse chestnut which is thick and dark. In our area, spring forage tends to be thicker and faster setting than later summer honey.

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